Eusheen Goines

Eusheen Goines Stemless Redemption 1 of 1 Documented Glass Art

Circa 2005 Eusheen Goines “Stemless Redemption”

The Following is quoted off of Eusheen’s gallery, links below, originally written 3/2/06


“Here is good example of what can happen when you break two pieces in a row due to color cracks or (checking) yea i lost two big uns! but after that i got really inspired to redeem myself! I must say i feel much better about everything now! I had this idea late at night and went to work on it in the morning (2-27-05) I played for 15 hours strait, and this is what i came up with! Sweet Redemption…:) Colors include: Aqua Azul, Blue Moon, Black violet, Amber Purple, and blue Tube.
Facets by NATE from Flag. He’s a marble maker ive been working with. more colabs from us soon. This one has Three opals in it. There is a total of 5 Marbles on here…:) Two of them came from one of the pieces that broke. I cut them right off with the saw….
There are 27 Sections! Most ive ever done, and im 27 years old:) the weirdest thing about this piece is that it weighs EXACTLY the same as the ~2nd STEAMROLLER~ 493.2 grams!!!!!! Weighing them is fun! try it! Thanks for viewing….:) Peace~Eush”

I will ship it in a Custom Pelican Hard Case

$2000 Shipped 1of1 Documented Eusheen Goines’ Custom

Price: $2,000.00